miscellaneous define




Pixel control for touch and pop-up keyboard

Unchecked: The pop-up block has one pixel less on the right side and the lower side (default state);

Check: The pop-up tile is consistent with the specified size of the control.


Data entry length limit control

Unchecked: Acyclic entry, prohibit entry after the input length reaches the set value (default state);

Check: Cycle entry, the insertion length exceeds the set value and the high position is extruded.


Touch screen auto-calibration control

Auto calibration means that the touch screen calibration mode is entered by quickly tapping the non-button area of the touch screen more than 20 times in 4 seconds.

Unchecked: Turn off automatic calibration (default state);

Check: Turn on automatic calibration.


Data variable entry range limit control

Unchecked: does not consider the decimal place limit (default state);

Check: Consider the decimal place limit.

For example: the variable is set to 2 digits integer 1 decimal place, the range is set to 1-100,

If it is not checked, the actual allowed entry range is 1~100;

After checking, because there is one decimal place, the actual allowable entry range is 0.1~10.0.


System self-test register error code display

Unchecked: Turn off the screen to display error code information;

Check: Enable screen display error code information.




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