Instruction of font creating

1.Font software setting:




Please follow the steps:


1) Font Selection: Select the font you would like to use. You can install the font if you don’t have the font in the library. We are using Arial as the testing font here.

2) Font Coding: Select font coding as “1252 Latin” and Character as 004D (“M” letter can confirm the size and the edge more easily).

3) Scale & Shift: Adjust the value of scale and shift, to make sure the letter “M” on the left is in the proper position.

4) Dot Matrix Size: The STONE display can only recognize the half-width character for Latin letters. So you need to un-check the “equivalent width with height”, and manually input the width and the height. The height value is double of the width value.

5) Create: Click create to create the .DZK file.


2. Attributes setting



Click “Add the font” and select the .DZK file you just created.



Set the “FONT0 ID” as the font you just added into the list.

Set the “Encoding mode” as GB2312

Set the “Lattice number of Y direction” same as the height value of your font.


3. DEMO:


Input command set

A5 5A 09 82 00 10 41 42 43 44 45 46