Instruction for list display (application DEMO for event log)


We are using list display (form display) function to create an event log application


1. Software settings:




As the picture shows, we have split the log into 3 part: Date/time, AM/PM, Log


a. The variable memory address setting of each part will be separated

b. Each part is using a list with 1 column and 5 rows. You can define the row number regarding your situation

c. The unit data number is the data length in each unit. For Date/time, we need at least 6 bytes to display the whole data.

d. The direct variable display should be unchecked since we can define the Date/time display format



The rest part setting:






2. Command setting:


Please noticed that the list display function is only available on real display. The virtual serial screen function is not able to display it.




According to 5.3.3 in the development guide, the first 2 byte of the command should be:

12-display the date/time information


07E0-text color (can be defined by yourself)

The rest part should be the BCD code of the date/time:

2020 0918 0205 3000 (2020/9/18, 02:05:30.00)


The full command sending to the serial port will be:

A5 5A 0F 82 00 00 12 00 07 E0 20 20 09 18 02 05 30 00 (6 bytes total)


For the other 2 parts, we just using variable directly display


 A5 5A 07 82 10 00 41 4D 50 4D (display AM in 1st row, PM in 2nd row)

A5 5A 1C 82 20 00 45 56 45 4E 54 20 4C 4F 47 20 54 45 53 54 20 53 54 4F 4E 45 20 54 45 43 48 (display EVENT LOG TEST STONE TECH in the log content) 




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