Analysis of Touch Screen HMI Manufacturers

Touch screen HMI development so far, not only become an integral part of the automation field, but its application industry range also extends from traditional industry to logistics, medical and other fields. With more and more domestic automation industry manufacturers into the research and development of touch screen HMI, China’s touch screen HMI market size is growing rapidly, but also to accelerate the domestic touch screen HMI manufacturers to get the continuous progress of product technology, so that in recent years the market share of HMI to maintain a steady increase.

But when it comes to touch screen HMI products, many people’s first thought is still such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, and other old automation industry giants, but for other touch screen HMI suppliers do not have a too deep understanding or distrust of other brands and stability of the function of the attitude.

The following will be from the brand positioning and reliability, a brief analysis of the differences in touch screen HMI manufacturers.



Touch screen HMI manufacturers brand positioning


Many HMI supplier giants after years of product and technology accumulation, coupled with a wealth of experience in industrial applications, have their own products in terms of functionality and performance leading the industry trend. Technically strong, most of them are positioned in the middle and high-end market, which is out of reach of most touch screen HMI manufacturers upstream and downstream small and medium-sized enterprises.

The low-end market is mainly dominated by Chinese and Taiwanese brands, with lower prices and relatively good market reputation, occupying half of the global touch screen HMI market. Nowadays, the “thin profit and more sales” road is getting narrower, so many manufacturers increase the development of new touch screen HMI products and the renewal of the original products, or to create product differentiation to enhance their overall competitiveness. The individual takes the lead in upgrading their own product’s brands, such as STONE Tech, in recent years, with excellent product quality and professional after-sales support, has continued to maintain the forefront of the market share ranking of industrial control touch screen HMI manufacturers.


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Touch screen HMI manufacturers reliability


Touch screen HMI is the medium of interaction and information exchange between the system and the user, were involved in the field of human-computer information exchange are required to, not only used in medical equipment, light production line these places with a better environment, many times also need to run for a long time in the harsh industrial environment, these environments include extreme temperatures, dusty, wet or vibration strength and other places. In order to ensure normal production, the reliability of the HMI is particularly important.

In the touch screen HMI housing protection function, foreign brands have far more advantages than domestic. For example, Sweden specializes in the production of touch screen HMI BEIJER Electronics Group, some of its industrial touch screen HMI using aluminum-magnesium alloy housing design, compared to most of the domestic touch screen HMI with engineering plastic, aluminum-magnesium alloy housing better heat dissipation, anti-interference is also stronger. At the same time, BEIJER has a few touch screen HMI front panel protection levels up to IP66, and at present can do the same protection level of touch screen HMI few and far between.

In addition, the brand industrial touch screen HMI to have a high degree of reliability, not only because of years of product and technology accumulation but also because many people have the spirit of craftsmanship, especially in Germany and Japan. Most manufacturers in these two countries have long held the spirit of refinement and style of doing things to create an excellent reputation around the world. Chinese brands also have the spirit of craftsmanship and innovative ideas into every product, for example, STONE Tech, as the industry’s leading touch screen HMI manufacturers, from 2010 to lead the wave of popularity of China’s touch screen HMI, now there are millions of STONE touch screen HMI widely used in various industries, has been the automation field and various upstream and downstream industries Highly recognized.

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