7 Things about Wholesale TFT Display Suppliers

If you are looking to start an importing business, there are a lot of different things that you want to get acquainted with. In this article, we are going to look at how you can start a TFT Display importing business, how you should choose your supplier, and some tips on how you can efficiently conduct your business. Here are 7 things about wholesale TFT display suppliers that you should know.

How to access Chinese Marketplaces for TFT Display Suppliers

When you want to start an importing business, the first thing you need to do is to make yourself familiar with the different Chinese marketplaces. There are online platforms that you can start. These platforms are basically online shopping sites, except that they are mostly B2B rather than B2C. B2B means Business to Business, and that is how an importing business is classified.

Apart from online platforms, there are different fairs and marketplaces that you can attend such as the Canton Fair and the Yiwu Market which are held in China. In these trade fairs, you can in touch with sellers directly. However, it is better to conduct your business online since there are different things that can go wrong when you are interacting with a supplier directly without any sort of intermediary in between.

If you opt for the online platforms, you can get access to a wide range of suppliers that can help you import goods. The advantage of online platforms is that you can see if a certain seller has a good reputation or not. By going to a supplier with a good reputation, there is a lesser chance of you getting scammed or ripped off.

If you want to get in touch with TFT Display Suppliers, you can go to online platforms and browse through a large number of wholesalers to find a reputable and trustworthy seller.

Choosing a TFT Display Supplier

When it comes to selecting a wholesale supplier, there are different factors and aspects that you have to look for in order to make sure that you have the right guy. If you are on some online platform such as amazon, you can easily see the seller’s profile in order to verify the credibility of the seller. Trustworthiness is one of the most important factors in an importing business.

Pricing is also an important aspect to consider. Since you will be buying in bulk, you should weigh your options carefully to see which supplier will be most beneficial for your business. Furthermore, the location of the seller can also be a deciding variable in your choice since the freight charges can vary from place to place. This is applicable when you are purchasing from China while being in another country.

Benefits of Trading Companies and Agencies when buying from TFT Display Suppliers

There are two ways that you can go about the actual purchasing process of the goods. One is the straightforward method where you can simply get in touch with the manufacturers to get your products. The other method is to employ a trading company or an agency to act on your behalf. Both ways are viable and it is necessary to understand their respective pros and cons.

When you are going to hire an agency to buy on your behalf, it is going to save you from a lot of hassle. Finding the right supplier, verifying the supplier, inspecting the goods, negotiating and all the arduous tasks that are associated with import can be taken right out of your hands. Instead of making all these efforts yourself, you can simply assign someone to do it all for you. The advantage here is that if you are in a different country, it can be difficult for you to execute all the aforementioned work. However, a native agency will be more skilled to do something of this nature. Sharing the language, the culture, and the tricks of the trade are some of the reasons why an agency would be more adept at handling a supplier than yourself.

However, the downside is the cost of the agency. The agency can cost you quite a lot depending on the number of goods you are buying, the variety of the goods and the transportation. When you are doing an importing business, or any business for that matter, minimizations of expenditures is important. Keeping the financial interests of your company in mind, it can be seen that hiring an agency can be a bit of a liability.

Getting in touch with TFT Display Suppliers directly

The other way that you can get in touch with the suppliers is to skip the part where you hire the agency and contact the manufacturer directly. There are quite a few benefits in this method with the only apparent downside of the extra effort you will have to make. This effort involves actively communicating with the manufacturer and performing all the acts that would have been otherwise done by an agency.

When you hire an agency to act on your behalf, you have to make sure that it (the agency) is trustworthy and reliable. Inflated pricing, nabbing of goods and a variety of other misconducts can be performed by an agency that is not honest and sincere. Furthermore, if you are trying to cut up on expenses, it is better to take matters into your own hands and avoid an agency since that will be a liability that you will have to bear.

Some factories have sales departments made within themselves in order to deal with buyers. If the factory you are looking to deal with has such a department, you can communicate and correspond with them easily since they will have a unit specifically just to deal with you.

Avoiding Mistakes when Importing from TFT Display Suppliers

There are some mistakes that importers can make due to not being experienced enough. These mistakes can be generally very damaging but there are some extremely detrimental errors that should be avoided at all costs. One such mistake that you can make is to be lenient with the sample.

Sometimes, there can be some sort of problem in your sample which the supplier can try to shove under the carpet saying that the issue is only with the sample and the rest of the shipment is all fine. However, you should not relent in such a situation. You should demand to see the right sample and stress the delivery of the right product.

There are other mistakes that you should avoid. Some people may not prepare themselves properly before coming to the country for their business. As a result, they can get confused and their business can end up not taking the route they wanted. It is best to do your research properly before going to China so that you know exactly where you have to go and where you will find everything that you need.

Understanding Sea and Air Shipping

The general idea about sea shipping is that it is cheaper as compared to air shipping. However, this is only true in some cases. When you opt for sea shipping, you pay per container. If you are ordering in bulk, you are going to have one or two full containers. In cases where your shipment is big, going for sea shipping is no doubt the cheaper route. Although it is slower, bigger shipments are better off being shipped via sea.

However, with smaller shipment sizes, sea shipping stops being the cheaper option. For smaller shipments, due to the weight, air shipping may become the better option. Understanding the dynamics behind the different methods of shipping and how you can save money during transit is important. In order to make a tidy profit, every surrounding expense must be minimized and reduced.

Importance and Application of TFT Displays

TFT Displays are a type of LCD display that is used in a variety of phones, computer screens, and other electrical gadgets. Nowadays, electronics of all sizes are bought by people all around the world. Smartphones, smartwatches, and monitors are some examples. In such products, there are some which are expensive and are bought only by people who can afford them. Such products are not easily acquirable by the masses. Hence, we see that Chinese versions of different products are released at a much lower price so that the people with weaker buying power can also enjoy them.

Factories in China manufacture and provide TFT displays to companies who further use them to assemble different gadgets. By buying the displays for a cheaper price, the companies can keep the price tags on the end products reasonable while still getting a reasonable profit. This is why wholesale TFT displays are important in this day and age.


If you are looking to start a TFT display importing business, you should know all about the market and the prevailing conditions before getting started. You should do your research properly before you physically go to the country or before you start an online association with a wholesaler. In this article, some points of importance were mentioned that can help you conduct your business and avoid common mistakes.

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