7 Outdoor LCD Display Matters Needing Attention

Outdoor LCD display as a new carrier of self-service, to our life, has brought great convenience, outdoor LCD self-service can be seen everywhere in life.

When it comes to outdoor LCD display hardware

Mainly including outdoor LCD display and player equipment, as the leading trend of equipment, they are the main point of technological innovation manufacturers, not only the speed of update, the variety is diverse. Take outdoor LCDs for example. Every two to three years, outdoor LCDs become lighter, brighter, more efficient in terms of power consumption, and provide higher resolution. Moreover, there are many options for outdoor LCDs, LCD splice screens, small-pitch LCD large screens, and so on. In order to ensure the efficiency of investment, “everything should be based on actual needs and avoid blindly following the trend” has become the basic principle of end-users purchasing. For the selection of outdoor LCD hardware equipment, Xiaobian summarizes the following matters needing attention:


Outdoor LCD display in the use of the process, there are some matters needing attention:

1. Structure design of outdoor LCD

Outdoor LCD displays are generally large, so they are very heavy. Installation in the outdoor touch screen display, the home page needs to pay attention to the design of the structure. The installation structure should take into account: wind resistance, earthquake resistance, bearing capacity, and other major factors; Secondly, the shape, structure, and exterior decoration design of the display screen should be coordinated with the architecture or environment it is attached to. Moreover, it is to consider the local environmental factors, such as air humidity, air salinity content (coastal cities), and so on.


2. Light pollution of outdoor LCD

The popularity of LCD displays has led to the concept of “light pollution“. So do LCD displays count as “light pollution”? The international definition of light pollution is usually divided into three categories: white light pollution, artificial daylight pollution, and color light pollution. At present, China only has relevant regulations for the glass curtain wall in white light pollution and has no relevant regulations for artificial daylight and color light pollution. But considering that color light pollution does cause people to feel uncomfortable, it should be “light pollution”.The prevention and control of light pollution have been considered in the design of the display screen.

According to the causes of the formation of LCD display, corresponding solutions can be taken.

1) Reasonable planning of the outdoor area and installation location of the display screen

According to the viewing distance and viewing angle and the surrounding environment, as well as the display content requirements, reasonable planning of the display area and location.Instead of blindly pursuing the area of the large, significant location.

2) Selection and design of display content

When choosing the content to be displayed, it must be in agreement with the public requirements. The GUI design of the outdoor display screen should be dark-colored as far as possible to avoid causing discomfort to users’ eyes. Make color look soft color, transition natural.

3) The brightness adjustment system can be automatically adjusted by the system

Different times and places of the brightness of the environment change greatly if the screen brightness is greater than the environment too much, will cause people eyes does not adapt, especially the brightness of the day and night difference is large, light pollution, caused by our automatic brightness adjustment system can automatic conversion is suitable for the air environment brightness, avoid the light pollution.

Relative to the original TNT and other traditional display products, in recent years, many outdoor LCD display manufacturers have done a lot of work in the field of outdoor display, to enrich our visual space, light up a better life to make a great contribution.


3. Precautions for installation of outdoor display screens

1) lightning protection measures for the installation of buildings and screens

In order to avoid strong electromagnetic attacks caused by lightning, the screen body of the display screen and the protective layer of the outer packaging must be grounded, and the resistance of the grounded line should be less than 3 ohms so that the current caused by lightning can be timely discharged from the ground wire.

2) the whole screen body waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof measures

The connection between the box body and the box body, as well as the joint of the screen body and the force installation object, should be seamlessly connected to avoid leakage and dampness. In the inside of the screen body to have good drainage and ventilation measures, if there is water inside the situation can be dealt with in time.

3) on the choice of circuit chips

In cold areas, the temperature in winter is generally able to reach minus ten degrees, so when choosing the circuit chip, it is necessary to choose the working temperature in the negative 40 degrees Celsius refers to 80 degrees Celsius of the industrial chip, to avoid the occurrence of the display can not start due to the temperature is too low.

4) Ventilation measures should be taken inside the screen body

A certain amount of heat will be generated when the screen is powered on. If the heat cannot be discharged, it will accumulate to a certain extent, which will cause the internal ambient temperature to be too high, which will affect the work of the integrated circuit. If it is serious, it will burn down, so the display can not operate. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of ventilation and heat dissipation measures inside the screen body, and the temperature of the internal environment is kept between negative 10 degrees and 40 degrees

5) Highlight the choice of wick

The choice of high brightness LED backlight display, can let us in the case of direct sunlight, still, show a good effect, but also can enhance the contrast with the surrounding environment, so that the audience of the picture is broader, in the distance, a broad perspective of the place, still have good performance.


Outdoor LCD display hardware equipment to avoid 4 misunderstandings

1. the longer the life, the better

Under the human inertia thinking, the longer the service life of the product, the better, this is no exception in the purchase of outdoor LCD display. But in the long run, this idea is not advisable. We should know that the longer the service life of outdoor displays, the higher the technical requirements, the corresponding manufacturing costs will naturally increase, and the industry users will have to invest more money. In order to ensure the return on investment, industry users will choose to use the product as long as possible, the direct result is not the timely experience of the latest technology. Balance the use cost and application experience, users in the purchase of outdoor liquid crystal display should not blind foot pursuit of long life, according to the application needs, appropriate, so that the saved funds can be invested in the software content level, to ensure that outdoor liquid crystal display system to achieve the best application state.

2. the brighter the screen, the better

Nowadays in the field of outdoor liquid crystal display, highlighting has become an important parameter to highlight the leading technology, and it is infinite amplification in the marketing publicity of some manufacturers, which directly causes many users to produce serious highlighting plots. In fact, the screen is not as bright as possible, the effect of screen brightness is a superimposed effect, including the contrast, perspective, viewing distance, the brightness of the surrounding environment, content, and so on, therefore, simply the pursuit of high brightness is not necessarily can achieve the best application effect, even have a negative effect, for instance, the higher the screen brightness, the heat generated, the consumed power will increase, not only the expected service life will be shortened, also increases the maintenance costs, and highlight the high cost of the product itself, so as to greatly increase the capital investment, does not conform to the established economic principles. At the same time, in indoor applications, the too bright a screen may cause discomfort to the eyes, thus affecting the viewing experience of the audience.


3. the metal casing is safer and more practical

At present, many outdoor commercial displays will be equipped with metal cases, under the strong guidance of manufacturers, many industry users have also been convinced that metal cases are more secure. In fact, unless the outdoor LCD display is installed in a public space where people can tamper with it, the metal case becomes a completely unnecessary expense. For example, the elevator billboard in the office, the menu board in the fast-food restaurant, and the information display at the cash register in the back are almost inaccessible to outsiders, so they are obviously very suitable for the application of plastic cases.

4. The smaller the player, the better

For the purchase of LCD players, the volume is not the smaller the better. Out of the demand for beautiful design, many users prefer to choose small products, which is understandable but also pay attention to moderation. Although the installation of compact player products is more flexible, it puts forward higher requirements for the cooling design. The increase of technical threshold not only leads to the high cost but also increases the potential risk of system application. After all, the liquid crystal display needs 7×24 hours of continuous operation, once the cooling problem occurs, the consequences are unimaginable.

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