5 Tips for the Right Choice of Power Analyzer?

Power analyzers are versatile devices used to measure power flow in electrical energy systems. While these sophisticated and complex instruments are used in many applications and industries, there is no one universal solution to every power measurement challenge. It is important to choose the right power analyzer for your application needs, and we have summarized some of the following reference factors for purchasing a power analyzer for your reference.


1. Accuracy

Measurement accuracy is fundamental when you are optimizing the performance of an inverter, motor, or drive train. By reducing measurement uncertainty, you can produce more reliable results. Choosing a power analyzer with high basic power accuracy can ensure that your investment is more valuable.

2. Number and type of inputs

How many channels do you need? Standard HBM power analyzers with 3 – 21 power channels can be connected to up to six torque transducers, ideal for four-wheel drive testing. Both electrical and mechanical signals are acquired simultaneously and can be upgraded to more power input channels. When purchasing a power analyzer, the modular design ensures that your investment will stand up to the test of the future.

3. Dynamic power measurement

Most power analyzers are specifically designed to measure steady-state systems (such as the grid). But for electric vehicle drive trains, in the measurement of load conditions, rise and fall in the process of transient power changes, you need to be able to accurately measure dynamic load changes in the analyzer.

4. Raw data storage and analysis

When you need to verify your measurements or want to delve into control algorithms, storing raw data is a prerequisite. You can recalculate your test results at any time. With real-time analysis of space vector and DQ0 transforms your control algorithms can be verified. Choosing the right power analyzer avoids additional hardware costs and saves time and money in rerunning tests.

5. Real-time results

For some users, a standard reading is sufficient when making power measurements. For more demanding engineers, they need to visualize data, perform custom calculations or generate results in real-time. the right choice of power analyzer solutions from HBM not only includes a library of standard calculations but also allows you to enter your own formulas. Refresh rates of up to 2,000 times per second mean that you can get results in real-time.

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